Westinghouse WH6000S Review – Take a Look at the 6000 Watt Portable Generator in More Detail

Westinghouse WH6000S

With a wide range of portable generators available in the market, choosing the best one for your needs can be a tough job. However, if what you need is a generator which is not only portable enough for use outdoors, but is also powerful enough for those unexpected power outages, the Westinghouse WH6000S is one to consider. A portable generator is a long-time investment. In this review you will find the primary advantages and downsides of this portable power souce.

A portable generator is an economical way to supply electricity when the power goes out. But, for this purpose you need at least a 4000-watts generator. This allows you to run multiple essential items at the same time. The Westinghouse WH6000S offers 6000 watts of starting power and 7500 watts continuous. It will not be able to handle the whole house. But a generator in this capacity could probably run a refrigerator, a 1/3 HP furnace fan blower, a 1/2 HP sump pump, a 1/4 HP water well pump and other small appliances at the same time.

The portable gas-powered generator replaces the discontinued models; WH6000 and WH6000C. Equipped with a 4-stroke, 357cc overhead valve engine, the 6,000 Watt Storm Unit does not require that you mix oil into the fuel. As the name indicates, OHV (overhead valve or pushrod) engines have the valves placed above the piston in the head. Most portable generators today use pushrod OHV engines. They tend to be more compact than OHC engines. The WH6000S does not feature electric start. It is only equipped with a manual pull.

The iron sleeved engine uses regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher to operate. Do not use gasoline containing more than 10% ethanol. The built-in tank holds 25 litres or 6.6 gallons of fuel. It can keep the generator running for up to 13 hour at 50% load. With a simple calculation, fuel consumption is approximately 1.93 litre/hour when it runs under half of its maximum load (3000 watts).

This model uses splash oil lubrication system to keep the engine running properly. As the crankshaft turns, it splashes oil across engine components to reduce friction. In general, a pressurized lube system is superior to a splash lube system. But for a small general purpose generator, a splash type oiling system is adequate. Oil level, however, is more critical with splash lubrication. For protection, the WH6000S’s engine is equipped with a low oil shutdown system. The generator shuts itself if the engine is low on oil. It will not start if it lacks of oil. The oil capacity is 1.05 quarts (1.0 L).

The control panel contains the outlets and circuit breaers. There are four 5-20R 120V and one L14-30R 120/240 twist lock outlets. Cheaper models usually only come with two outlets. Many do not provide 120/240 twist lock which can be pretty useful when dealing with power tools. Designed for regular low voltage appliances, each of the standard 120-volt power outlets on this generator is capable of carrying a maximum of 20 amps. There is no 12-Volt DC outlet on this unit.

One of the most positive points of this Westinghouse electric generator is that it also provides a 25-foot/10-gauge power cord. It can be said that it includes everything to get started right out of the box. Wheel, handle kit, tool kit, oil, funnel and operating instructions are included with the product. The combination of 10-inch solid wheels and ergonomically designed dual folding handles will make it easy to move this unit.

The manufacturer claims that it provides quiet operation. Based on customer feedback it seems it is not just a marketing strategy. When it comes to exhaust emissions, the generator is EPA approved in 49 states..It is not CARB compliant, meaning it is not for sale in California.

The Westinghouse WH6000S gas-powered generator has received encouraging feedback from its customers at Amazon.com. The product is currently rated 4.8/5 stars.

As mentioned before, it does not come equipped with electric start. Further, based on some user reviews, it seems the directions need improvement. Despite having a few downsides, it has proven to be worth the cost.

The generator seems to be of quality parts and construction. Some reviewers have also reported that it has a low noise output. According to them it is pretty quiet compared to other generators. It might be too loud for camping but it is quiet for its size and power. The fact that the generator is easy to assemble has also pleased the users. The 25-feet 10 gauge power cord is a great extra.

In any products, there will always be imperfections. The Westinghouse WH6000S is certainly no exception. But if you are worried about noise and you want a sturdy portable generator for home use during emergency power out conditions, then based on the customer feedback this should work for you.

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