WEN 56180 CARB Compliant Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

WEN 56180 CARB Compliant Gas Powered Portable Generator

When looking for a small gas powered generator, the WEN 56180 should be one of the considerations. The company has introduced into the market a wide variety of products, from electric engraver to air compressor. Many of their products have received positive feedback from their customers. Now let us see whether their 1800W portable generator will fit the bill.

With 1500 running watts (1800 surge watts), this little unit is not intended to be a serious backup power source which can power your entire home during blackouts. Having said that, it serves as an ideal generator for powering small tools, camping equipment, small appliances or vital items such as sump pump or refrigerator during an emergency. Check the wattage rating of your electrical devices to ensure this little generator meets your power requirements.

The tank on the WEN generator is designed to provide 7.5 hours of runtime at half-load. The capacity of the fuel tank is 1.45 gallons. Driven by a 4-stroke OHV single cylinder engine, the WEN 56180 uses lead-free gasoline with a minimum of 87 octane rating to operate. Being a four stroke, no need to mix oil and gas. The 98 cc engine is air-cooled. To prevent the engine from overheating, air is forced to the metal fins around the engine cylinder.

This gen is not equipped with an automatic choke. It is not built with the capability of remote start. There is no electric start feature. Starting the engine is performed by pulling the recoil starter handle. That said, many people have reported that the generator starts easily on the first or second pull.

There are only two AC outlets on the panel. The rated amperage is 12.5 A. The WEN 56180 does not have 220V capability, something which is usually provided by generators rated at 4KW or more. For this feature, consider to opt for the 56352 model that comes with one 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet. This generator comes equipped with a 12V DC receptacle with a maximum draw of 8.3 Amps. You cannot use the DC outlet to charge automotive batteries.

The WEN 56180 is a CARB compliant generator so you can use it in all 50 states. It does have a spark arrestor which is great if you plan to use it at a camp site. The noise rating is minimal, 63 dB at 22 feet. Not the quietest generator but definitely not the noisiest. If you are worried about noise, then consider investing in an inverting generator. That said, inverting models cost four times as much as this.

WEN 56180 Control Panel

Like most smaller portable generators, this model implements splash lubrication system. The oil capacity of the engine crankcase is 13.5 fl. oz. To protect the engine from running on low oil, this generator is equipped with an automatic shutoff. It will not start if the amount of oil is insufficient. Negative comments have been written by some of its customers regarding its oil fill location. However, this should not be a deal killer.

The 1800 watt model measures 19.90 inches (L) x 15.90 inches (W) x 17.10 inches (H). It does not come with wheels but at about 55 lbs, this 1800 watt unit is not too heavy to lift and move around. In terms of maintenance, the engine oil needs to be replaced regularly (first 8 hours, every 25 hours, and every 6 months or 100 hours under normal condition). Routine maintenance of the air cleaner, fuel tank, and spark plug also needs to be performed which is to be expected.

As of this writing, the WEN 56180 has a review rating of 4.4/5 stars on Amazon. At less than $200, many people have found that this CARB compliant generator is a good value for the money. The build quality seems to be good especially for the low price. It is also good on gas. Clearly, for the majority of the reviewers, this product does what it is supposed to do.

The WEN 56180 might not be the best gas powered generator to keep vital appliances running during an emergency. The company has a dual fuel portable generator worth looking into in case that is what you are looking for. But if you need a compact and lightweight portable power generator, then based on the customer feedback this one is worth considering.

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