Review of the Smarter Tools STAP-2000iQ Parallel Capable Inverter Generator

Smarter Tools STAP-2000iQ Parallel Capable Inverter Generator

If you are looking for an ideal power source for outdoor activities, the Smarter Tools STAP-2000iQ is something you should check out. The list of features built into this inverter generator makes it attractive to consumers. Powered by the 80 cc MZ80 Yamaha engine, it is comparable to the Yamaha EF2000is. Both give 1600 watt rated AC output and 2000 watt maximum AC output. However, the STAP-2000iQ is offered at a much lower price. In this review you will find some of the products specifications along with some advantages and disadvantages.

Designed to operate sensitive electronics, the AP-2000iQ is a pure sine wave inverter. It produces clean power with little harmonic distortion. Compared with other waveforms, pure sine wave also generate less heat. There are two 120V/20amp plug receptacles that you can use to power single phase 60Hzloads. It also has one 12V/8amp DC outlet for battery charging. The USB port allows you to charge many popular hand-held USB devices.

The portable power source weighs merely 44 pounds (net weight) which is a bit heavy but is still lightweight enough to carry. The compact size means it is easy to store and transport. The manufacturer advertizes that the 2000-watt inverter produces a 51 db sound level at 1/4 load. It is not really whisper quiet but definitely tolerable. The noise level of a normal conversation at 3-5 ft is 60-70 dB. Watch the video below that presents the sound comparison between this new model Smarter Tools, the Honda 2000i, and the honda 3000i.

The AP 2000iQ also comes equipped with smart throttle feature that varies engine speed according to the connected electrical load. It regulates the engine RPM. This results in less engine noise. This also allows the generator to increase fuel efficiency. When the setting is not activated, the engine runs at a constant speed 4500 RPM regardless of the load.

In addition to the smart throttle feature, on the control panel there are three LED indicators: output indicator, overload alarm and low oil alarm. The green light indicates that the unit produces power. The red LED indicates either the connected device requires more power or the unit is overheat. If the red LED presents, it also may indicate the AC output voltage rises above rated value. The low oil alarm comes on when the engine oil falls below the required level.

The fuel tank holds 1.1 US gallon. It offers 10.5 hours of run time at 1/4 load. You can buy another one if you need more power. Two AP-2000iQ inverters can give you 3600 watts, 30 amps of maximum power. This parallel capable inverter generator also has a fuel petcock knob that lets you stop the fuel flow from the tank to the carburetor for storing and transporting. This prevents stale gas problems.

The Smarter Tools STAP-2000iQ Parallel Capable Inverter Generator has been reviewed by some of its customers at The feedback has generally been very positive. As of this writing, out of 14 reviews, 10 customers awarded five stars.

Some have said that it is as good as Honda or Yamaha. The construction seems solid. While it is not totally silent, some reviewers have reported that it is very quiet. This has a Yamaha MZ80 engine. The parallel capability is also one of its most popular characteristics. The product includes a 400 cc bottle of oil, a spark plug wrench, and a screwdriver. A 12 v charging cable is also included. Parallel cable and neck funnel are not included however.

This 2000-watt inverter generator will not meet everyone’s needs. There have been a few complaints made about the product. However, featuring 1600 running watts and parallel capability, it is a good product for the price. For half the price of a Honda, it carries a 3-year warranty. It is always a good idea to have a good power source if the need ever arised.

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