Does The Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Hold Up For The Price?

DuroMax XP4400EH 7 HP Dual Fuel Propane/Gas Powered

Among other choices available out there, the Duromax XP4850EH can be a good solution for those who have a need for a portable generator. It might not be the best model in the price range but there are a number of features that set it apart from many of its rivaling products in the market. This review should give you enough answers to decide whether investing in this product is the right move for you.

Before anything else, the Duromax XP4850EH is a portable dual fuel generator, meaning it can be fueled by liquid propane or gasoline. Gasoline, while has a short shelf life, is easily accessible. Propane boasts a long shelf life, making it a popular fuel option for generators. It must not be replaced now and then. That being said, it is harder to find.The best route to take is of course to buy a unit that allows you to use both fuels.

With a continuous wattage of 3850, this Duromax unit has plenty of power to run the essentials during emergency situations. Powered by a 7 HP air cooled DuroMax OHV engine, it can provide 4000 watt surge output. Generators in this class are powerful enough to keep your refrigerator/freezer and other comforts of civilization running when the power goes out. The surge wattage of a refrigerator or freezer required at startup can be as high as 2200 watts.

Gas tank capacity is 15L (3.96 US Gallons). Running times for either gas or propane
will depend on several factors. At 50% electrical load, the expected runtime on a full tank is 8 hours. With fuel consumption of 1 gallons/hour at full load, it definitely is not the most fuel efficient portable generator. However, it would be good enough for many of us. Based on the user feedback, you can expect to get 14-16 of run time at half-load from a 20 lb bottle of propane.

When it comes to safety features, this dual fuel generator comes equipped with low oil protection. The engine oil capacity is 20 fluid oz. To protect the generator from electrical overload, the power panel is fitted with circuit breaker. There is an engine switch that you can use to stop the engine in an emergency.

The all steel fuel tank comes equipped with a gauge so there will be no question about how much fuel remains. When using gasoline, LPG must be shut off. When using LPG, gasoline must be shut off. This unit comes with the hose/adapter for the propane tank. To start the gen with LPG, the propane gas hose needs to be connected to a regulator/decompression valve.

The features do not stop there. This gen has a battery for electric start and a recoil start system if needed. The lead acid battery is rechargeable. Just like a car battery, it will be recharged as you use the unit. There is no remote start capability. In temrs of connections, this generator has two standard outlets (120-Volt 20-Amp 3-prong). It also has one 120-Volt/240-Volt 30-Amp twist lock (NEMA L14-30 3 pole 4 wire). The 12V DC receptacle that this gen provides is for charging 12V automotive-type batteries only.

The Duromax propane/gas powered generator has received some very positive feedback from its customers at Its current review rating is 4.3/5 stars with 53 customer reviews.

Some people have reported that the illustrations are not very clear. The engine is shipped dry so you need to purchase the engine oil and the grounding wire. Some have commented that adding oil is a bit tricky. The battery comes charged. However, the negative terminal is disconnected to prevent the battery from draining. With all of that being said, customer feedback suggests that it is relatively easy to set up.

There are some reports about damage during shipping. Some seem to complain about the actual output of this gen. Despite some negative feedback, many reviewers have reported that it works as expected. It runs on 87 octane and propane without any issue. Switching over from gas to propane can be done easily. The generator also starts easily with both the pull line and electric start.

The dimensions are 36″ L X 21″ W X 24″ H. Weighing 142 lbs, it is not light in weight. Howeever, a wheel kit with front handle is included for easy transporting. The solid-fill tires will not deflate. With the all steel, protective cage, it seems to be well made.

The advertised noise level is 69db. Some people have reported that it is not as quiet as the advertised. However, the noise level is still reasonable for the majority. The four point fully isolated motor mounts and the attached noise reducing muffler seem to get the job done.

Not everyone is entirely satisfied with this product. However, this EPA Approved generator seems to have pleased many of its users. It is a good buy for the majority. If you are looking for a portable generator with dual-fuel configuration, then given the various functions, the Duromax XP4850EH may be for you. In time of disaster, a hybrid propane/gas powered could be your best friend.

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