Champion Power Equipment 75537i Review – Some Reasons Why The RV Ready Portable Inverter Is A Must-Have

Champion Power Equipment 75537i 3100 Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Wireless Remote Start

When it comes to portable generators, one of the systems worth mentioning due to its popularity is the Champion Power Equipment 75537i. Customer feedback suggests that it is a well built machinery, one great choice available for people who are in the market for a light weight, quiet generator. Here are the pros no cons for this unit. This review should give you enough answers to decide if this is the right inverter for you.

Ideal use is for camping or tailgating weekend. That said, with continuous power of 2800 watts, this little machine definitely can power a few essentials during power outages. Item description states that it can handle a 13500 BTU RV AC. The inverter is powered by a 4-Stroke OHV engine with 171cc displacement. It is capable of delivering 3100 watts of surge power, strong enough to start certain high start-up electrical items.

Since the inverter produces clean power (less than 3% THD), it is safer for sensitive electronics. As you know, many modern appliances are digitaly controlled. The economy mode is a definite plus as well. There is a control switch that allows the engine speed to idle. This translates to lower fuel consumption and noise. This really is a great feature while camping.

This little Champion comes with three different types of power outlet: TT-30R, 120V AC, and 12V DC. Many generators in the 3000W range only offers 2 x 20A outlets. Featuring 30Amp outlet, it would be a good investment toward your RV lifestyle. The 12V DC automotive-style outlet is designed for battery charging. The output is unregulated. A dual USB adapter and 12-volt DC battery-charging cables are included in the box. (The items you receive may differ from store to store).

You have three options to start the engine, traditional recoil start, pushbutton electric start, and remote start. Definitely, the wireless remote control system is one of the biggest selling points of the Champion inverter. No need to go outside to start or stop the generator on cold mornings. It allows you to start and stop the generator from up to 80 feet away. The supplied 12V 7AH battery re-charges automatically while the engine is running. The remote as well as the electric system does the choke for you automatically.

Product dimensions, according to the company website, are 25.1″ length x 17.3″ width x 18.3″ height. At 96.6 lbs (Net Weight), it is heavy, but it is still lighter than many similar products in the same class. The handles and wheels make it easy to transport. The foldaway handle allows for easy storage. There are some complaints about ground clearance. A bigger set of wheels will make this easier to move around on hard surfaces. However, this is not a deal killer.

When shopping for a portable generator, the noise of the product that you are going to buy is always one important factor to consider. If you are worried about noise, the AC generator produces about 58 decibels of sound (at 23 ft) which is quieter than those conventional models with the same power. It probably is not as quiet as the Honda or Yamaha. That said, at a much lower price, it is still a good bargain.

The RV ready generator will run for up to 8 hours at 25% load when the 1.6-gallon fuel tank is full. A number of customers would have liked to see a bigger tank on the CPE generator. Bigger tank leads to longer runtime but it reduces the portability of the small gen. In terms of safety, the gasoline engine driven generator comes equipped with low oil shut-off sensor and USDA approved spark arrestor.

Like any other product, there are imperfections. It is not parallel capable. Further, there is no fuel tank level indicator. It also does not come with hour meter. It would be nice if Champion included those features for the unit. Other than these minor considerations, the customer feedback has been very encouraging.

Many people have been impressed with the power of this little machine. The remote start, electric start and recoil starter seem to work really well. It is also quiet enough for a 3100W generator. Definitely a strong competitor for the Honda and Yamaha. Not to be forgotten, customers felt that the company truly stands behind their product.

All in all the Champion Power Equipment 75537i is a solid machine that provides user-friendly operation. If you desire a well designed RV Ready Inverter which costs less then the bigger name brands, then this 50 state compliant generator is the definite choice.

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