Champion Power Equipment 71531 CARB Compliant Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review

Champion Power Equipment 71531 CARB Compliant Dual Fuel Portable Generator

What stands out with the Champion Power Equipment 71531 is the dual fuel feature, allowing either regular gasoline or liquid propane gas as the energy source. A dual fuel generator can provide great assistance during emergency situations. Although gasoline is a common fuel source, it may not be available during power outages. Furthermore, storing large quantities of gasoline is hazardous. Now, let’s have a look at some of the features of the Champion dual fuel portable generator.

The Champion Power Equipment 71531 is rated at 7500 watts with 9375 starting watts. On propane it runs at 6750 watts continuous and 8400 watts surge. Basically, a 4000 watts generator is good enough for a small home. But if you want a unit that is powerful enough to run most of your electrically driven household items, you need a higher wattage generator. Boasting a 7500 watt running speed, the Champion 71531 will be able to meet the needs of power demanding tools. Of course, it is also ideal for people who need big power on the go.

As mentioned before, this unit runs on regular gasoline or liquid propane gas (LPG). The dual fuel option gives you flexibility In an emergency. Located on the front panel, there is a fuel selector switch that allows you to choose between the fuel source desired, gas or LPG. For your added convenience, a 3.3 ft. LPG hose with regulator is included in the package. The 71531 uses the standard 20 or 30 pound capacity LP tanks with Type 1, ACME right hand/clockwise threads.

A 439cc, 4-Stroke OHV engine is the driving force behind this portable power source. Equipped with a 6 gallon fuel tank, it can run up to 8 hours at 50% load. This is enough to keep a refrigerator going all night in the event of a power outage. Expect to get 4-5 hours at 50% load for a standard 20 lb LP tank. Further, the dual fuel portable generator has both a standard recoil start as well as a convenient electric start system. It is equipped with an automatic battery charging circuit that means it will charge the battery when the engine is running.

For your everyday low voltage appliances, this electric start portable generator provides you with two 20 Amp, 120 Volt outlets. It is also equipped with a 30 Amp, 120 VAC twist lock receptacle. There is also a 30 Amp outlet that allows you to switch between 120 and 240 volts. The outlets are covered and protected by circuit breakers. To power sensitive electronic devices such as computers, you can purchase separate surge protectors that will limit the impacts of the short duration voltage fluctuations.

The Intelligauge 3-function display offers quick reading of voltage, hertz and operating hours, making it easy to follow the scheduled maintenance activities. The hour meter will help you know when to change the oil, when to clean the air filter and when to adjust the spark plug. The voltage frequency meter lets you monitor the output voltage levels. It will come in handy to diagnose problems. To keep it ready for use in emergencies, it is recommended to start the generator at least once every 14 days and allow it to run for at least 20 minutes.

The Champion Power Equipment 71531 is a CARB compliant generator so that it can safely be used in all 50 states. When it comes to sound level rating, Home Depot advertises 74 dB on their website. This should not be considered a quiet generator. Be sure it complies with the noise rules in your area. Weighing 235 lbs, it definetely is not a lightweight generator. On the bright side, it comes with 10 in. wheels for easy transport.

Oil and oil funnel are included with your unit. For most environmental conditions, the recommended oil is 10W-30. The engine is equipped with a low oil shut-off feature. It will stop when the oil level in the crankcase falls below acritical threshold. There is no low oil warning feature on this dual fuel electric start generator.

Coming with dual fuel option, two start methods and six outlets, it can be a great choice for someone looking for a heavy duty portable generator which can handle the needs of most homeowners. It has received some very positive feedback from its customers. No generator is perfect, and this one has its negatives. But for people who do not want to use a standby generator system, this one is worth considering. All Champion products are cover by our Lifetime Free Technical Support and 2 Year Limited Warranty.

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