Briggs & Stratton 30470 Review – Things To Know About The 7000-Watt Portable Generator

Briggs and Stratton 30470

A wide range of extreme weather events can cause disruptions to power system infrastructure. In some locations, weather-related power outages are already becoming more common. To avoid power disruptions during emergencies, a good, well-built generator is a must. If you are in the market for a new portable gasoline powered generator, you may want to take a look at the Briggs & Stratton 30470.

Launched in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1908, Briggs & Stratton is an American Company that operates within two business segments: engine group that offers engines primarily for various lawn and garden equipment applications, and products group that offers portable and standby generators. It is great to buy a portable generator from a company that has a long history of producing small, air cooled gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment. Parts availability will not be a problem.

Powered by a 2100 Series OHV 420cc engine, the Briggs & Stratton 30470 produces 8750W surge and 7000 constant watts of power. A generator around this size can be a great temporary power supply for multiple large appliances. It can safely power a refrigerator and freezer. If your home has a well pump, you can expect that a 7000 watts generator will cover your needs. 1/4 HP water well pumps runs about 600 watts and 1/2 HP sump pumps normally require 1200 watts. Furnace fan blowers (1/3 HP) use power as little as 700 watts.

Just keep in mind that motors need at least 3 times its running watts for starting. Check your appliances for exact wattage requirements. The B&S 30470 has a feature called power surge alternator that allows you to start large motor-driven appliances and tools simultaneously. Up to 25% more surge wattage can be produced. This generator makes a pure (true) sine wave, not a stepped or modified wave. There is no information about THD (total harmonic distortion). But according to the company you can power sensitive electronics on this generator. Use a line conditioner for extra protection.

The 7000 Elite has four 120V outlets that are rated at 20 amps and a 120/240V/30 amp twist lock receptacle. The running amps on the generator are 58.3 at 120V and 29.1 at 240V. The starting amps or surge amps are 73 at 120V and 36.5 at 240V. To protect the generator against electrical overload, the 120V duplex receptacles are provided with push-to-rest circuit breakers and the 120/240V locking receptacle is provided with a 2 pole rocker switch circuit breaker. The outlets feature rubber outlet covers.

Equipped with a 7 gallon fuel tank, the generator can run for about 9 hours at 50% load. The single-cylinder engine drives the revolving field at about 3600 RPM. It does not have idle control feature. The 30470 runs with a minimum of 87 octane gas. Gasoline with up to 10% ethanol is acceptable. 85 octane gasoline is acceptable at altitudes over 5000 feet. A fuel gauge is provided for monitoring gas level.

Briggs and Stratton 30470 Control Panel

This generator also come sequipped with electric start capability which is a blessing especially for senior citizens. A battery float charger is provided to keep the battery charged so it is ready when you need it. Located next to the start switch is a battery float charger jack. To charge the battery, plug the charger into the jack. You can then plug the charger into a 120V AC wall receptacle. If battery is discharged, you can start the generator manually.

There is an hour meter to help you keep up with maintenance intervals. Oil must be changed after the first 5 hours of use and then every 50 hours or yearly. Powered by a four stroke engine, it has a separate location for both the gas and oil. No need to mix oil in gasoline. This unit is equipped with a low oil protection feature. An oil switch will stop the engine if the oil level drops below a safe operating level. This reduces the risk of engine damage due to insufficient lubrication.

Briggs & Stratton does not rate or publish decibel ratings on this portable generator. To lower the exhaust noise level of this unit, Briggs & Stratton equips it with Super Lo-Tone quiet muffler. It is still noisier than an inverter type generator. But some users have reported that it is quieter than they expected. When it comes to noise level, you should not expect much with a unit of this size. Please note however that the generator cannot be shipped to California as it is not CARB compliant.

Portable generators are not only useful in emergency situations. A portable backup power source can also be used in locations where power is needed. Weighing 244 lbs, two 12″ never-go-flat wheels and a grab handle are provided for easy transportation. The product comes with battery, charger, and well written instructions. It does not come ready to run but according to many reviewers it is easy to assemble. It can be said that all you have to do is put on the wheels and fill it with oil and gas. Connect the negative battery terminal if you want to use the electric start system.

For whole house wiring, consult with a licensed master electrician. This generator has a neutral bonded ground. It is already grounded to the frame. For a generator with bonded neutral, you will need a transfer switch with a switching neutral. It is not recommended to remove the bonded neutral from the generator. Removing the bond will void the warranty.

If you search the reviews of the Briggs & Stratton 7KW Elite then you will see that it has received many positive reviews. At this time of writing, the generator scores 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Most reviews are positive with 4 and above. Like any other generator, this one is not completely flawless. But if you are looking for a portable backup generator which is capable of powering large appliances during power outages, then this product is worth considering.

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