2-Stroke Portable Generator Review: PowerPro 56101

PowerPro 56101

If you are after a generator which is built for portability then the PowerPro 56101 can be a good choice. Weighing only 36 pounds, it certainly is portable enough to carry anywhere you need to go. The carrying handle also makes transporting easy. In this review you will find some of the products specifications as well as its pros and cons.

Powered by a 2 HP single cylinder 2-stroke engine, the PowerPro 56101 is loaded with 1000 watts of starting power and 900 watts continuous. It will supply 7.5 amps of current at 120 volts. While it will not run your whole house, many low power appliances are well within the capacity of this 1kW generator. It may be adequate to operate your furnace. Certainly you should have no problem using it to supply some light bulbs at the same time to keep your house lit during a power outage.

A 1000 watt generator would be sufficient to handle an electric drill or a compact saw. You also can use it as a recreational generator for powering your camping essentials. Designed for outdoor use, this small generator is both EPA and CARB compliant. This means that this portable power source meets the emission standards set by the clean air agency in the government of California. CARB approved generators can be shipped to CA residents.

The 2-cycle engine uses fuel mix 50 to 1 (gasoline to oil). Equipped with a one-gallon fuel tank, it is capable of running for 5 hours at half load. Like most generators in this class, the 63 cc engine is air-cooled. Air is forced across the engine for cooling. Air-cooled engines have fewer parts than liquid-cooled engines. They can easily over-heat however. They are not designed for full-time use. To start the engine, the generator uses a traditional recoil starter.

On the front panel there are one 120V AC receptacle and one 12V DC receptacle. Each has its own reset button to prevent the generator from electrical overload. Located on the same panel there is a voltmeter that enables you to monitor the generator’s voltage output.

PowerPro 56101

Use the AC three prong receptacle to operate 120 Volt AC, 60 Hz, single phase loads. The DC terminal is designed for charging 12V batteries up to 40 Ah capacity. You cannot connect any other device to this receptacle. DC cord with alligator clips are included with this unit.

This two-stroke generator has some maintenance requirements. You are required to clean the air cleaner. Make sure the removable sponge-like element is free of excessive dirt to maintain proper air flow to the carburetor. The maintenance schedule also includes spark plug maintenance. A spark plug wrench is included with this unit. Empty the fuel tank before storing for extended periods of time. Just follow the recommended maintenance schedule.

The exhaust system incorporates spark arrestor mechanism. Basically, spark arrestors prevent sparks leaving the exhaust system and possibly starting a fire. The manufacturer claims that the 1000-watt generator produces a noise level of 60 decibels measured from a distance of 22 feet. Based on the specification, you can expect it to be no louder than normal speech if you are standing 22 feet away from it.

At this time of writing, this product is not in Amazon’s list of top–rated portable generators. But it does not mean it is not worth considering. Based on some reviews, it seems the customers have been satisfied with their purchase.

Not everything about this product is positive however. According to two reviewers, this unit is noisy. Further, it only has one AC outlet. It is also important to keep in mind that conventional generators are generally not intended to power sensitive electronics. You will want an inverter for this purpose.

Despite a few flaws, the PowerPro 56101 has a number of positive points. Based on the customer feedback it seems to work as expected. It starts easily and has plenty of power to run various items. Two reviewers reported that the built-in volt meter is fairly accurate. Do not forget also that the gas powered unit is EPA/California compliant that means it is relatively safe for the environment.

Obviously, the PowerPro 56101 will not meet everyone’s needs. But if you are looking for a lightweight portable generator, then based on the customer feedback this product is worth the price tag.

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